Music Venues


Everyone knows Athens is home to R.E.M., the B-52s and other renowned artists of yesteryear, but our town continues to boast one of the most vital and diverse music scenes in the country. Our musicians carry on the Classic City’s legacy and also shake things up constantly with new sounds and styles. On any given night, there are plenty of great options for live music from locals and touring acts alike. You can settle in at a single spot, or hop around and catch a little of everything—easier than it sounds, since most of Athens’ music venues are centered around the downtown core.

Trying to keep track of who’s playing where can be a daunting task. Thankfully, Flagpole’s here to help. Find out who’s playing where and when—and what they sound like!—by picking up a copy of our weekly print edition or visiting To help kickstart your Athens-music experience, we’ve spotlighted a few concert venues here.

Caledonia Lounge
256 W. Clayton St. • 706-549-5577 •
This charming hole in the wall is a perennial favorite of Athens’ hipsterati. Look for the fence in back of the parking lot to find the entrance, and say hello to Flagpole music columnist Gordon Lamb, who’s often on door duty.

40 Watt Club
285 W. Washington St. • 706-549-7871 •
There’s no Athens music scene without the 40 Watt, a launching pad for countless locals over the years. Expect to find high-profile touring artists and local up-and-comers rocking its storied stage. Wanna blend in? Order a “big PBR.”

The Foundry
295 E. Dougherty St. • 706-389-5549 •
Take mom and dad to the Graduate hotel’s music venue on the northern edge of downtown, which features a full restaurant, comfy seating, early shows and performances by classic artists and exciting emerging talent.

Georgia Theatre
215 N. Lumpkin St. • 706-850-7670 •
Not only one of Athens’ best venues but one of the finest in the region, the Theatre hosts touring acts and boasts a state-of-the-art sound system. Check out the rooftop bar and restaurant, which features live music in warmer months.

Hendershot’s Coffee Bar
237 Prince Ave. • 706-353-3050 •
An essential piece of Athens’ live-music puzzle, this coffee house and bar features jazz, folk and more, including a popular open-mic night on Monday. Shows start early, so you don’t have to think twice about going out on a weeknight.

Live Wire Athens
227 W. Dougherty St. • 706-543-8283 •
A cutting-edge lighting and sound system is the attraction at this downtown hangout, which features local and touring acts from across the musical spectrum, from rock to bluegrass to electronica and beyond. The outdoor patio is a nice touch, too.

Nowhere Bar
240 N. Lumpkin St. • 706-546-4742 •
Head to Nowhere to catch a nightly stream of local and regional talent, with a focus on jam, funk and, of course, rock and roll. Regulars rule the roost at this beloved dive, but don’t worry: Outsiders are always welcome.

More Music Venues

Bar Georgia • 159 W. Clayton St. • 706-850-9040 •

Boar’s Head Lounge • 260 E. Washington St. • 706-369-3040 • @BoarsHeadLounge

The Classic Center • 300 N. Thomas St. • 706-357-4444 •

Flicker Theatre & Bar • 263 W. Washington St. • 706-546-0039 •

The Globe • 199 N. Lumpkin St. • 706-353-4721 •

Go Bar • 195 Prince Ave. • 706-546-5609 •

The Grotto • 140 E. Clayton St. • 706-549-9933 •

Hedges on Broad • 346 E. Broad St. • 706-850-8500 •

Highwire Lounge • 269 N. Hull St. • 706-543-8997 •

Hi-Lo Lounge • 1354 Prince Ave. • 706-850-8561 •

Iron Factory • 255 W. Washington St. • 706-395-6877 •

Little Kings Shuffle Club • 223 W. Hancock Ave. • 706-369-3144 •

Lumpkin Street Station • 175 N. Lumpkin St. • 706-850-5966 •

Morton Theatre • 195 W. Washington St. • 706-613-3771 •

Normaltown Hall • 399 Meigs St. • 706-548-3914 •

Nuçi’s Space • 396 Oconee St. • 706-227-1515 •

The Office Lounge • 2455 Jefferson Rd. • 706-546-0840 •

UGA Performing Arts Center • 230 River Rd. • 706-542-4400 •

The World Famous • 351 N. Hull St. • 706-543-4002 •